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Why choose us?


A native of Buenos Aires, in 2003 and after having worked for several years in companies linked to the years in companies linked to tourism in Latin America, I decided to open my own path in Salta, starting a new life and a new activity.

Those were pioneering years for tourism in the northwest of Argentina. I had the opportunity to travel around South America, which motivated me to think about tourism proposals linked to nature and the incredible environment we have in Salta. These experiences reaffirmed my desire to do the Descent of the Cuesta del Obispo on mountain bike.

The beginnings were not easy. Getting permits for activities that the province had never developed before, spreading the word about the proposal, generating a public that was willing to try new things. At that time, we took the tourists in a 4x4 truck to the top of the Cuesta, then we adapted a trailer to transport the bikes, and little by Little we built this beautiful and original experience of interaction between the landscape, nature and the history of the place.

All my previous work experience in tourism allowed me to develop a proposal that aimed to use bicycles as a form of mobility, offering transfers, equipment, guides, meals and safety.

During my experience in Cuesta del Obispo I was also able to combine other jobs in adventure tourism in which I developed: rafting guide, safety kayaker, and canopy guide. In addition to the courses of first aid in first aid in wild areas (WFR), rafting guide accredited by the International Rafting Association rafting guide accredited by the International Rafting Association (IRF), birdwatching guide, among others.

We offer a wide range of experiences. As we go down the Cuesta we can interpret a landscape, spot a native species of fauna or birds, enjoy the immensity of colours, taste delicious local specialities and join together in a journey through the environment with which we merge. In short, no two descents of the Cuesta are ever completely the same, the descent is you and what you experience. I am always looking to improve and that everyone who goes through the experience wants to come back, soon.

Gustavo Suárez



We have been working for 20 years doing mountain bike tours in the province of Salta.
We are adventure tourism providers in the province of Salta, authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Province of Salta.
We are A.D.O.P.T.A partners. (Association of Adventure Tourism Operators and Providers) of the province of Salta.
We have first aid and rescue courses in WFR wild areas.


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