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Cachi Aventura y naturaleza - 2 días (noche en Cachi)



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Day 1: At 8 am we leave the city of Salta heading towards the provincial route N 68, passing through tobacco producing towns (Cerrillos, La Merced and El Carril), where we head west on the provincial route N° 33 that takes us into a yungas road, where we start to gain altitude passing through the Quebrada de Escoipe, accompanied by the river of the same name, to then begin to climb the 22 km of the Cuesta del Obispo with amazing views. Arriving at the highest point of the slope (Piedra del Molino) which is 100 km from the capital of Salta. We leave the vehicle and get ready for a 59 km descent towards Cachi, crossing the Los Cardones National Park, passing through the mythical Tin Tin straight. After a few more km we arrive at Payogasta where we leave route N° 33 to take the legendary route N° 40 that will take us to Cachi. We arrive in Cachi at about 2 pm.

The whole route is on paved road with some climbs that require pedalling.
Distance by bike 55 km 
Tipo de terreno: Pavimento.

Day 2: At 9.30 am and after having enjoyed a beautiful night in Cachi, we set off again towards Piedra del Molino to retrace the route we had taken the previous day in our vehicle. We get off the bikes, put on the protections, such as knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, gloves and reflective waistcoats and after an instructive talk about safety measures, we start what is perhaps one of the best experiences for lovers of downhill mountain biking ("the famous" Cuesta del Obispo). We descend its 22 km and stop for lunch and use the toilets at the parador.

After lunch we ride into the Quebrada de Escoipe (19 km) which leads us from the puneño landscape to the green of the yungas jungle.

We load our bikes and return by car to Salta city at approximately 6.30 pm.
Distance by bike: 41 km

Type of terrain: Gravel and pavement 


Duration: 2 days/ 1 night

Departure: 8.00Am
Llegada a salta 18 hs. aproximadamente.

                                                                                Departures Cachi Adventure + Cuesta del Obispo (2 days)
                                                                 Tarifa por persona: usd 190 ( se puede abonar en pesos al cambio dólar MEP)

 Esta tarifa no incluye alojamiento, dandote la opción de alojarte donde más te guste según tu presupuesto. De todos modos consultanos, porque te podemos gestionar la reserva en un Hostal de Confianza.



What to bring?

Come prepared with a backpack with a double change of clothes to change into if necessary.

We recommend:

Comfortable cycling tights or shorts for pedaling (optional tights or long pants depending on the weather).

Extra short sleeve t-shirt and waterproof/windbreaker jacket.

Optional - long sleeve t-shirt.

Comfortable cycling shoes.

Warm jacket.


Sun hat.

Clear glasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust during pedaling.

Medical assistance insurance.